A week with Chrome

I’m always interested in using alternative browsers.  I used many of the different Netscape Naviagator releases, I have tried Internet Explorer for the Mac, iCab, Opera and Safari.  Each of these browsers had many things I liked, but many things I didn’t like.  I’ve been a fan of the Mozilla browsers, starting with the  Mozilla Suite, then transitioning to Phoenix/FireBird/FireFox. I’ve been pretty much a FireFox devotee for quite a few years now.

I’ve watched Google’s efforts with Chrome for awhile.  I was impressed with how fast it rendered pages, and how fast Javascript programs ran on it.  Once  XMarks and Adblock became available for Chrome, I thought I’d try out Chrome for a week on my laptop at work.

I enjoyed how fast Chrome rendered many pages.  However, it wasn’t nearly as compatible as Firefox was on some random webpages.  (For example, my company uses Jourynx for timekeeping; Firefox rendered it perfectly, while Chrome showed some weird issues).  I was also disappointed in the AdBlock implementation for Chrome,  which loaded the images from the (slow) adservers (I’m looking at you doubleclick), then removed them from the screen, while the Firefox Adblock doesn’t even try to download those links.

So…after a week of Chrome, I’m still a Firefox devotee…however, if Chrome gets an equivalent ablocking solution, and continues to improve webpage compatibility, I might think about switching over…

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In continuing to recover from my unlucky week in Mammoth, I went to the Apple Store to find out how much it would cost to fix my cracked iPodTouch screen.  I setup an appointment at the Old Town Pasadena Apple Store.

I met with the Apple Genius James, and he looked at my iPod for a few seconds.  He then proceeded to type a few things into the store computer.  He then looked up at me and said, “We can fix the screen, but it’s going to cost about $220”  I thought about it for a few seconds before declining.  He mentioned that there may be some non-Apple dealers online who would fix the screen for less.

After looking around the internet, it doesn’t seem like it will be possible to fix it for much less than $200.  The screen itself costs $150 from Apple, and that doesn’t include labor, warranty, etc.

So, my choice is to pay $200+ for a fixed screen.  I’m leaning towards buying a new one.  A brand new 16G iPodTouch is $299.  The new iPodTouches have a faster processor, a brand new battery and a speaker.  Plus, the Macworld Expo is next week.  Maybe Apple will add a full Bluetooth stack to the iPodTouch.  Maybe they’ll release a 64GB version and lower the cost of the 32GB version.  Now that I have my iPodNano, I’m not in a hurry to buy something new!

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Updated Website…

After having an quasi-HTML 4.0 compliant website for years, and refusing to update it to more modern technologies, I have to give myself credit 🙂  First, I’ve created this blog, and now, I’ve created a Gallery2 based photo album.  It’s not “live” yet, but you readers (all 0 of you 🙂 ) can check it out early!

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