Back to normal…

Things are slowly getting back to normal for me.

First, thanks to a co-worker, I discovered that Tech Restore would fix my iPod Touch screen for $129.  Since that was much cheaper than Apple quoted, I sent them my  iPodTouch and also told them to replace the battery.  Their service was fast and I’m very happy that I have my iPod back!  (Woo-hoo!  More Bejeweled!)

Secondly, I went to Mammoth over the weekend.  It snowed all weekend, and there was much powder to be had.  As always, when the slightest bit of snow falls at Mammoth, they close the entire top of the mountain, but there was plenty of fun to be had on Chair 22 & Chair 5.  (I didn’t see that Chair 12 opened until too late.)

We had a big group up in Mammoth: Bryan & Ash, Andy & Anne, Guillermo, Josh & Brian all joined me in a Sierra Manors condo, plus Jessica and friends were staying at Motel 6, and as always Rachel was there, too!

…but the big news is that I finally got my car back!  After dozens of calls to AIG (my insurance company) and Pat at Mammoth Collision Repair, I was able to work things out so that Mammoth Collision Repair would fix the broken tie rod (plus a leaking brake line and a broken strut), then I would drive it down to San Diego to have the body work completed.

So, things are finally getting back to normal!

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