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On Wednesday, July 7, 2010, a new brewery officially opened its doors in San Diego.  It’s named the Hess Brewing.   They claim to be the first Nano-Brewery in San Diego County.  Basically, they run a really small brewery…each batch of beer is only 51 gallons!

Anyway, on Friday afternoons, traffic is really rough in San Diego.  So, I usually take side streets home from work.  Since this new brewery is just about 1/2 mile off of my normal drive, I decided to stop by.  They had 5 beers on tap, and a special…taste 5 beers and keep a pint glass for $10.  Here is my impressions:

1)  Kolsh — Their Kolsh was a solid beer.  This was a bit sweeter than I’d typically expect a Kolsh to be, but overall, it was very quaffable.

2)  Vienna Ale — Many of the “good” Mexican Beers that I drink (Negra Modello, Dos Equis Amber, etc) are actually a beer style known as a “Vienna Lager.”  This style isn’t popular in Europe anymore, but is still common in Mexico.  Anyway, Hess; Vienna Cream Ale is very sweet, but very, very tasty.  It was my favorite beer that they carried!

3)  IPA — Their IPA weighed in at over 8% alcohol.  It’s a bit sweeter than I want my IPA to be, but it has a nice bitterness to counter act the sweetness, and overall is a solid attempt at an IPA.

4)  San Diego Pale — This Double IPA weighs in at an impressive 11.3% alcohol.  It has a much dryer body than their IPA, and a much more impressive floral scent.  This is one tasty beer, but drinking too much of it could be dangerous!

5)  Rye Stout –This beer also weighs in at just under 10% alcohol.  It is a semi-dry stout with too much going on to taste much of the rye malt.  It was probably my least favorite beer from them.

All in all, it seems to be a good opening week for them.  I’m excited because I have a Hess Brewing Pint glass, and I look forward to heading back there for more tasting in the future!

Next stop for me?  Manzanita Brewing Company!

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