New Phone!

Over the weekend, I drove up to  LA to watch SDSU play at UCLA in football.  The game was fun (hopefully I’ll write up a report later), but during the tailgate, the “#” key on my Sony Ericsson K750i phone broke. Since the “#” key is used to help unlock the screen-lock, my phone is now very difficult to use!

I had that phone for over 2 years.  I always had a love/hate relationship with it, as it had lots of great features, but it had lots of small bugs that made using it difficult.  (That phone replaced my Sony Ericsson W810i, which has been my favorite phone ever)

I’ve eyed the Android phones for awhile, and today I finally purchased one.  I stopped by my local T-Mobile store and purchased a HTC Magic phone.  I’m still playing with it, but so far I like it.  I was able to get a similar plan to my old plan, but for about $10 less per month.  I have 30 days to change my mind, so I’ll keep you informed…

As to why I didn’t get an iPhone?  For a few reasons:

  1. I already have an iPod Touch.  I didn’t really need two iPhoneOS devices
  2. The total cost of the iPhone would cost too much
  3. I’d then get an Android device to play with
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