Now I remember why I haven’t moved out of my place in over 10 years…I hate moving!

I’ve been packing, moving stuff and changing locks at my new house. The old owners had a dead-bolt that they attached to the door with a nail, and I hope to get that lock replaced tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s the 4th of July! My parents will be coming down to celebrate it with me and to see my new house. I don’t think that they’ve ever seen a 4th of July in San Diego. It’s really crazy at the beaches (all parking spots are filled by 10AM!) It should be fun.

I’m going to take my tailgating supplies over to my new house. That way, I’ll be able to cook my parents up some Shaq burgers and other tasty foods!

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New House!

I have finally received the keys to my new house. As you may know, my house closed escrow on June 19, but the tenants that lived there just moved out today.

I took a few photos of the place before I moved anything in.  Let me know what you think!

While it seems like it would be ready for me to move in, it’s not quite there yet.  The house will be tented Tuesday June 30 to July 2 to kill the termites, then on Friday, the termite people are going to replace some wood on the outside of the house that has been affected by the termites.

My current plan is to move in on July 7.  I’ll take the day off of work, and have movers stop by to move the stuff in.  My parents are going to be down this weekend, though, so I’ll get to show them the place and let them inspect it!  Hopefully I get a thumbs up!

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Quick Update

Lot’s going on…not much time to post.

Anyway, last weekend was Joey’s wedding. While everything wasn’t super-smooth, in the end, Joey & Carrie were married and everyone had a good time. I’ve uploaded pictures here.  Special thanks to Gavin, as I totally stole lots of his pictures 🙂

There were lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time that showed up (Bob & Sue, Sean Kenally (aka NascarTrojan), Carley & Connie Haney, our extended family & Jenny’s friend Tracey)

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Christmas celebration!

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  I certainly did!  My brother Dave picked me up at my house at around 12:30PM on the 24th of December.  We braved a bit a traffic on our way to our parents house in La Crescenta.

We arrived after Sally & Roger did, so Dave & I needed to take a few breaks before secretly wrapping our gifts without the little girls finding out what they have received!

We enjoyed a tasty dinner of burritos and tamales, but not before stuffing ourselves full of cookies 🙂  After dinner, we unwrapped presents.  Leila made me an aluminum robot.  It’s pretty cool.  I’ve placed it in my room.  We had a standard gift exchange, and Jenny‘s boyfriend, Gavin, bought me an iTunes gift card, which is always very useful!

We also had a joke-gift white elephant exchange.  I scored with a handheld 100 vs one electronic handheld game.  The best present was brought by Sally, and it was a football which held snacks.  Each time the football was opened, it played an NFL-themed song.  Leila was happiest with her gift of a 5 pound chocolate Easter Bunny.  She wouldn’t let anyone get near it.  Keana was able to open up more presents than anyone else!

I bought a few books for Keana and Leila, and I also bought them some Remote Controlled Helicopters.  I thought that they would really like them, but they both weren’t too excited about that gift when they opened them.  Sally was amazed, and she was pretty stoked, so hopefully they enjoy those presents!

On Christmas Morning I woke up and opened up our stockings.  We were given the standard stuff (toothpaste, shampoo, etc).  I also found out my parents gave me some new lock cores for my Yakima rack, and some random binoculars.  (4×30)

Later, we opened presents.  My parents also bought me an iPod Nano (to give me something to ski/run with) and a really cool Coleman Fishing Pen.  My brother also bought me an iPod Nano (4G), but I took it back to Fry’s and bought an Airport Extreme Base Station instead.

I bought Dave some Tahitian beer and a bottle of Scotch.  Dave & I pooled our money together to get some ceiling speakers for my parents.  They weren’t really sure what they wanted, so we owe them a rain-check.

Needless to say, I’m lucky to have a great family!

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